Rome. Roma. Roam. And we did! In the space of 3 and a bit days Alec and I took around 80,000 steps each. According to the health app on my iPhone, that’s around 37 miles! But anyway! Lets start at the beginning… After a 6:50am flight from Birmingham; a guess-how-to-get-to the hotel journey including a shuttle bus, the metro and a fair old … More Rome-antics


Fontainebleau (aka ‘Font’) is an annual pilgrimage for Alec (my partner), our friends and I. Some may ask – Why Font? One word – Boulders. And lots of them. Actually there’s a few more words which I’ll hashtag #vanlife #groupfun #outdoorlife #lotsoftrees #manwich #younameit. At 1:30am the alarm went off. Excitement. First getaway abroad this … More Font’16

Pros and cons of 2016 so far (worked really hard on that imaginative title)

So far 2016 really has been up and down. The Pros… In January I visited The Making of Harry Potter at the Warner Brother Studios down in Leavesdon. It still had the Christmas theme which was lovely – the tree decorations were awesome!    I don’t know why – but on reflection – seeing the giant … More Pros and cons of 2016 so far (worked really hard on that imaginative title)

The Bali Balance

The whole group were excited as we boarded a small ferry, leaving behind a cloud covered Java and cruised across a channel to sunny Bali. I think everyone held great expectation for this island. As soon as we landed the vibe on Bali was different – more relaxed. As we drove away from the port and … More The Bali Balance

Videos vs Words…

It’s been a while since my last post from Indonesia. I’m writing this sat at my computer and it feels quite strange and daunting. You see, all of my posts out in Indonesia were written in snatches of time – on a bus from Bukit Lawang to Berstangi, or when I could only get a … More Videos vs Words…