Cali-fragilistic: Los Angeles

The final blog in a series documenting an awesome 2.5 week road trip around parts of California… … More Cali-fragilistic: Los Angeles



Rome. Roma. Roam. And we did! In the space of 3 and a bit days Alec and I took around 80,000 steps each. According to the health app on my iPhone, that’s around 37 miles! But anyway! Lets start at the beginning… After a 6:50am flight from Birmingham; a guess-how-to-get-to the hotel journey including a shuttle bus, the metro and a fair old … More Rome-antics


Fontainebleau (aka ‘Font’) is an annual pilgrimage for Alec (my partner), our friends and I. Some may ask – Why Font? One word – Boulders. And lots of them. Actually there’s a few more words which I’ll hashtag #vanlife #groupfun #outdoorlife #lotsoftrees #manwich #younameit. At 1:30am the alarm went off. Excitement. First getaway abroad this … More Font’16